Campaign Kicks Off to a Roaring Start in Antipolo!

Ynares Stadium in Antipolo, February 9, 2010

Some biased media tried to downplay the turnout, but the photos say it all. And the media's own crowd estimates proved that Gibo's kickoff had a great number of attendees!

Crowd estimates:

Philippine Daily Inquirer = 12,000
(A little harsh as always, Inquirer said some seats in the bleachers were empty. But that's because no one was asked to sit behind the stage since they wouldn't be able to see. Inquirer did say that the crowd including the ones outside hit 12,000 :)

GMANews.TV = 10,000-15,000

Philippine Star = 30,000

(Inquirer's crowd estimate for Manny Villar's kickoff in Laguna was 3,000. There were no crowd estimates for Noynoy Aquino's kickoff.)

Photos by Facebook fan Joser M.

Joser's message:
"guys abangan niyo ang campaign rally ni gibo sa mga lugar niyo.. iexperience niyo ang green atmosphere.. pakalinis talaga, wala silang sinasabing masama sa iba, puro respeto at pagkakaisa ang lalabas sa bibig nila.. lalo na si gibo.. ^_^ ipost niyo rin mga pics dito o yung experiences niyo.. lets start something great and we want to see updates sa mga rally ni gibo.. ^_^ sarap ng pakiramdam, its my first time and it doesnt get any bigger than this.. XD"

Imam of Antipolo says a prayer for Gibo


Action starz!

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Bello!

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a plane!

(This photo by Facebook fan Paz M)