Air Force Pilot

President Teodoro is a licensed commercial pilot and a reserve colonel of the Philippine Air Force. His commercial pilot's license has a Learjet 31 rating, and he can fly C-130 military planes.

He used to be a lecturer of the Air Command Staff of the Philippine Air Force, and has received various awards and commendations for his aeronautical skills.

He is no ordinary pilot. He has received much recognition, such as the Basic RASS Aeronautic Badge. He was named Honorary Command Pilot in September 2000, and was awarded a Presidential Flight Crew Badge by the 250 Presidential Airlift Wing of the Philippine Air Force in August 2002.

Here's a video of President Teodoro revving up a C-130 plane.

(Info from Philippine Star, January 24, 2010)

A nice story about Gibo the pilot . . .

From Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 24, 2009:
"Evardone had an interesting anecdote about the little-known Lakas presidential bet. He recalled that in 2008, Eastern Samar was hit by a strong typhoon that completely isolated the province. Even Air Force pilots were hesitant to fly in. But he was able to contact and tell Teodoro, also the NDCC chair, about their desperate situation there. The next day Teodoro arrived with military crew aboard a C-130 plane of relief goods that he himself piloted. But what the Eastern SamareƱos cannot forget, said Evardone, was that Teodoro had momentarily left the wake of his late father, former SSS Administrator Gilberto Teodoro Sr., that day to come to their rescue."