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Gibo Teodoro - A Preview
by fan jehril

jehril's message: "If there's one more gift I'd ask of you, Lord,
it would be peace here on earth."

MasaparakayGIBO's message: The video the whole country must hear & see. HELP GIBO BE KNOWN &TRUSTED by OTHER PINOYS by sharing this SINCERE & BEAUTIFUL declaration of love & intent. Guaranteed, it will move you. So share it with the folks in your barangays, invite them to watch this in your home or at the corner store with you, or thru emails."

Gibo Teodoro - Katangian ng Pinuno
by fan WARSUG

WARSUG's message: A multi-dialect track written for Mr. G1BO Waray, Chavacano, Bisaya, Tagalog

Takbo Para Kay Gibo MTV
by fan monixdeona

Why Gibo?
by fan garju101

garju101's message: "Gibo Teodoro is a leader Filipinos can be proud of. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, UN Secretary General between 1992-1997, once said that Leadership is underpinned by the following qualities: Vision, Eloquence, a Cooperative-Spirit and Courage. All attributes Gibo Teodoro have been able to demonstrate. My sincerest thanks to a number of people on Flickr for sharing their photos, albeit I can't name them all. Do please message me privately if you happen to see your photo on the video and I shall acknowledge your photo appropriately. My sincerest thanks to GIBO Teodoro's Flickr account, who ever might be maintaining it, for uploading recent photos of GIBO. My sincerest thanks to you who found time to watch the video and learn about GIBO. I'm but an ordinary Filipino currently living away from our country that has been inspired by the Competence , Intelligence and Integrity of GIBO Teodoro. This Video is dedicated to all GIBO supporters and volunteers."

Sigaw ng Pilipino, Tara Na!
by fan garju101

garju101's message: "This video is a rallying cry to invite more Filipinos to vote smart and join the movement for positive change and solutions for the country. Gibo Teodoro is the only presidential candidate that centres his campaign on Platforms, Positive Change and Solutions.
My sincerest gratitude to Gibo Volunteers and Supporters who shared their photos on Gibo's Facebook account. I don't have a facebook account my self but I regularly check his wall for updates. The theme "Dream" is not mine but by Douglas Black Heaton. No copyright infringement intended. His other work can be found on his website at:"

The Future Has Arrived
by fan agentmori

agentmori's message: "Respect history, but don't get stuck in the past.
Move forward with Gibo. Face the Future with Gibo Teodoro!"

"We Have a Hero"

Gibo rap video by the dad of Facebook fan Aly O