Best Fan Art & Pix - Week of Feb 1-7, 2010

GREEN + JETS + GIBO= #1 ...TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from Facebook fan Gerard A)

Pilots for Gibo (from Facebook fan John J)

Man's best friend for Gibo (from Facebook fan Roy B)

Gibo apparel (from Facebook fan Ian D)

Gibo in Ilocos with Guv Michael Keon, who looks like Robert de Niro! (from Facebook fan Dran M)

Airsoft Community para kay Defense Sec. Gibo Teodoro!!!! Hoorah!! (from Facebook fan Bun T.B.)

Gibo "Theodore"-O! (from Facebook fan Chadz A.P.)

Read it forward and upside-down.. :D GALING-TALINO (from Facebook fan Gene Michael G)

(from Facebook fan Amadeus L)

(from Facebook fan Sandra B)

(from Facebook fan Gene Michael G)

(from Facebook fan Claudine C)

(from Facebook fan Jay A)

(From Facebook fan Angelica A)

"Just to share with u guys.. our dad and son project for tonight.. wahehehe hay.. hirap maging karpentero.." (From Facebook fan BNK from Dagupan)

"actually my dad shared to me that a campaign coordinator of MV wascontracting him that they want to rent that whole roof of our familybusiness.. but my father told them that "my son will get mad at me so its only allotted for gibo and his candidate for mayor". we laugh each other while hammering the frame of the tarp..... our family business is located at a busy highway so many of the candidates is interested to post there.. Well sorry to them its just for GIBO and my mayoralty candidate here in dagupan city.."

(From Facebook fan Jose G.)

(From Facebook fan Ka R.)

(From Facebook fan Ayana P.)