Gibo a Special Guest on Pastor Quiboloy's TV Show

This episode of Pastor Quiboloy's show "Give Us This Day" is a good way to understand
Gibo's views and plans for the country.



(The intro of this article sounds a little bitter--this is the Inquirer after all--
but the facts can't be denied :)

From Philippine Daily Inquirer:
Davao City’s influential pastor
prays over Teodoro

February 11, 2010 20:42:00
Jeffrey M. Tupas

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—It all happened Thursday afternoon inside the prayer house, the holiest place in the sprawling “Prayer Mountain” in Barangay Tamayong here.

The prayer was only about two minutes short, but the happiness that it brought to the faces of those who were obviously anticipating it lingered even when they were already exploring the other areas of the prayer mountain.

They all had the reasons to celebrate— someone perceived to be politically influential and widely respected religious leader was the one asking God— he being the Son of God himself —to shower their presidential bet with blessings enough for him to become the country’s next president.

“Bless him because without your blessing there is nothing that we can do…I am praying for my friend’s victory—that he becomes the president of this country,” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said.

Sitting on a chair, Lakas-Kampi presidential bet Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro’s head was slightly titled to his left shoulder to where the right hand of Quiboloy was as he prayed.

The select people who were around were apparently surprised by the prayer of Quiboloy, leader of the internationally followed Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name.

After the short prayer, Teodoro and Quiboloy hugged.

Those who surrounded them left the prayer house with their faces all painted with satisfied smiles. Even Gibo could not conceal the smile on his face minutes after the prayer over.

In his prayer, the influential Quiboloy said only God could assure Teodoro of the presidency.

“Kami ay dumadalangin at sumasamo sa inyo, habang akin pong inihahandog ang aking kaibigan (Gibo Teodoro) at ang kanyang desire at kanyang misyon, sa kanyang pagtakbo ngayon bilang presidential candidate, na ang inyo pong pagpapala ay mapasakanya. Na siya po ay inyong pangungunahan,” the pastor said. (We pray and appeal to You, as I offer my friend and his desire and mission as a presidential candidate, that You give Your blessings to him. That he shall be favored by You.)

“Nananalig po kaming lahat na sa inyo pong kalooban, kami ay sumasandal at nananalig, na kung kakasiyahan ninyo si Gibo na maging presidente ng aming bansa, ang pagpapala nyo ay dumapo sa kanya. Kung sya ang mapili ninyo, bibigyan ninyo sya ng kumpletong kaalaman, karunungan at pang-unawa,” he added. (We have faith in Your will, and that if Gibo becomes the next president of the country, You shall give him complete knowledge, wisdom and understanding.)

The prayer came after more than three hours of chit-chat between Quiboloy and Teodoro, who came with at least six of his local supporters, including Sarangani Province Gov. Miguel Dominguez, national chair of the Lakas-Kampi party.

From the prayer house, the next stop of the tour was to the Pastoral Mansion— Quiboloy’s mansion, that, again, not even President Macapagal-Arroyo was invited to.

“Let’s go to my house. Not everyone is invited in…but Gibo is an exemption,” Quiboloy said.

Onboard a chopper that he himself had driven, Teodoro earlier in the day told that the media that his meeting with Quiboloy was not to include politics, stressing that politics would be unfit to be discussed in the prayer mountain in Tamayong.

“We share common faith- that will be the center of our meeting. I have met him several times in the past already and we have always talked about our faith in God…Politics? Not in the prayer mountain,” he said.

Teodoro said the meeting with Quiboloy would be “private.”

Teodoro landed past 11 a.m. and was later joined in his meeting with Quiboloy by Dominguez, Davao del Norte Rep. Anton Lagdameo and Presidential Consultant for Mindanao Madeleine “Bebot” Marfori. Two businessmen also joined them.

The talks with Quiboloy at the prayer mountain’s Victoria’s Restaurant lasted for more than three hours, over sumptuous lunch and a variety of fresh tropical fruits, including durian and marang.

The discussion varied from the mundane to the serious, including the Marlene Aguilar-Jason Ivler fiasco, how often Quiboloy leaves the country, the memorandum of agreement on ancestral domain between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Stalin and Hitler, African ethnocide to the love of the Filipinos of democracy.

After the “private” meeting, Quiboloy toured his guests around the high-fenced prayer mountain, surrounded by Cavendish banana plantations and pineapple plantations.

Nobody could say if praying for Gibo was a spontaneous move on Quiboloy’s part.

Asked later by media if the prayer was as good as an endorsement, Quiboloy said it was not.

“It was prayer. If there will be an endorsement, I will announce that later,” he said.

As to when, Quiboloy said it depended on the “divine intervention.”

“When? We will see. I am still not complete with my prayers and meditation to the Lord. And whenever I am ready, it would be my congregation who gets to know about it first. They will be the first to know about the guidance that I will receive from the Lord,” he said.

As of now, he said, God has not revealed to him yet the best person to lead the country starting 2010— the person who has the genuine heart to the country and the Filipino people.