Gibo's Miting de Avance Draws Largest Crowd

Gibo's Miting de Avance at the Rizal Stadium on May 7, 2010 drew a crowd of 100,000 to 135,000, according to reports of ABS-CBN, GMA 7, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Philippine Star.  A former administrator of the Rizal Sports Complex said the last time the track oval was filled with spectators was during the Far-Eastern Games between Japan and China in 1930.  The mammoth crowd of Greenies came even without any big artista performances like the other candidates. People went to see the CANDIDATE, not his celebrity relatives or celebrity endorsers.  The celebs who went were content to sit in the audience and listen to Gibo.

Video of Gibo's speech

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Greenies march toward the Rizal Stadium.

Greenies start filling up the stands.

Look up in the sky! Is it Gibo?

Gibo arrives flying his own chopper! Crowd goes wild.

That's the amazing Atty. Mike Toledo on the right, Gibo's brilliant spokesman. A true class act!

Actress Angelu de Leon spotted in the audience.

Actor Luis Manzano with dad Edu Manzano.

Actresses Bubbles Paraiso and Michelle Madrigal, spotted with actress Ruffa Gutierrez's mom Annabelle Rama.

Actress/TV Host/Beauty Queen Ruffa Gutierrez with Bubbles Paraiso and Michelle Madrigal.

After the event, Greenies were even PROUDER to be green!

Rivermaya performs "Lipad" with Green Team volunteers as backup dancers!

Watch a replay of Gibo's Miting de Avance on USTREAM.

Photos from Facebook fan Ute Joe Lopez, Chinggay Lising