Cory Loyalist Rafael "Raffy" Alunan III Chooses Gibo

Rafael "Raffy" Alunan III served as Secretary of Tourism during the term of Cory Aquino. He became Secretary of Interior and Local Government during the term of Fidel Ramos.

The well-regarded Mr. Alunan, who has long supported the Aquinos, explains on Facebook why he will be voting green for President on May 10, 2010.

by Rafael Alunan III

The presidential candidate I will vote for:
•articulates a vision, a sense of mission and a sensible action agenda;
•has a good grasp of complex issues, and explains them simply and clearly;
•maintains equanimity despite the rigors of the campaign and the adversities of political battle;
•avoids personality politics; stays focused on the issues;
•avoids negative campaigning to give the voters the opportunity to understand his platform and how he intends to govern and serve;
•remains cool under fire, takes tough stands, makes hard decisions, sticks to his convictions especially in the most difficult circumstances;
•is a good listener and integrator of good ideas;
•is a proven negotiator and will be able to hold his own in the competitive arena of geopolitics and international relations;
•is genuinely presidential, a natural leader;
•is comfortable with outliers.

My choice for president respects institutions and works through the system. He is a reformer; dedicated public servant; circumspect politician; served in two branches of government; respects judicial processes; has demonstrated moral courage within his area of responsibility. He remains focused on serving higher interests, namely, national interests. He has a keen sense of nationhood that is crucial for anyone aspiring for the presidency.

My presidential candidate is an underdog even in his own party, stabbed in the front, back and sides by treacherous party mates and principals who have come to realize that he is his own man and cannot be controlled to do their bidding, meaning, protect them for their past wrongdoings once he's president. This should dispel presumptions or fears of coddling. They’ve called for his resignation and endorsed a rival party’s candidate. He is a non- traditional politician that prefers the high to the low road.

He has received basic, higher and postgraduate education from schools that I identify with; and comes from a decent family. His father, famously, could not be swayed to do the bidding of the dictator’s wife, and kept faith with the principle that public office is a public trust. That reflects strength of character based on strong ethics-based convictions.

I say this with a healthy respect for all the other candidates, black propaganda aside, some of who are well known to me. They too could or would be a breath of fresh air and sunlight in a room darkened and smelly from accumulated filth like, for example, Noynoy, Eddie, Nicky, Dick and possibly even a transformed Erap. Their past, fact or fiction, is not as important as to what they are today and what they could be tomorrow. However, the candidate of my choice after months of keen observation stands a head taller than the rest.

So, I have finally reached a decision. Win or lose, it will not be a wasted vote. Mine will be an informed vote on May 10. I choose Gilbert Teodoro for President.