"Believe" - The Gibo Fan Video Everyone Should See

This fan video was made by a pro, Boom Dayupay of Kulay, who has never met Gibo but was converted.

Boom's message:
"This song is for 3 men I respect and admire in the Philippines.
1) Governor Lray Villafuerte who is the most dynamic governor that turned CamSur into the #1 Tourist Destination spot and put CamSur in the WORLD MAP!!!
2) Joey Concepcion of GoNegosyo who's Entrepreneurial mindset will drive this Nation away from poverty
and... 3) Gibo Teodoro, unlike Gov and Joey who I've had the pleasure of working with, I've never met Gibo but my sister Lani Dayupay Savellano is one of your many devoted supporters. She turned my dad's house GREEN. All I see is T-shirts and Bags, ballers, hats! OMG! but I've never seen my sister have such undying support! Anyways, she kept bugging and pleading me for this song but I'm really particular about who I support. But After seeing over 135,000 Gibo supporters in a stadium and you did it with Supporters and NOT Superstars and "hakot"! That was really cool! So I dedicate this song to you and to your supporters and of course my Ate Lani. May God Bless You and The Philippines.